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Pergola Builder Miami
Pergola Builder Miami

renu@hand is a company that specializes in creating outstanding minimalistic or elaborate pergolas Miami. In order to meet your needs and preferences, renu@hand offers a variety of pergola solutions as well as other outdoor living structures.

A pergola is thought of as the entrance to outdoor living. They are a wonderful way to establish an intimate atmosphere away from the distractions of everyday life since they are frequently utilized as a transitional place between indoors and outside! Additionally, pergola construction Miami provides cover, shade, or weather protection in your patio.

renu@hand are reputable and trustworthy pergola builders In Miami that provide pergola wood designs, building, replacement, and repair. For over 20 years, renu@hand has been creating pergola design Miami. We think that pergolas should blend in with the landscape and design of a home, be long-lasting, and be customized to the demands of the homeowner.

Our expert wood pergola contractors will work with you to plan your project while considering your site’s layout, architectural style, lighting, color schemes, materials used, and more.

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At renu@hand pergola builders In Miami, we strive to cater to your exquisite tastes for a perfect pergola for your space through customized planning and individual discussions for your ease.

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Our pergola design for home is sleek and affordable for all homes. We provide quotes for people based on their budget and stylistic preferences.

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renu@hand’s diverse craftsmanship offers our customers a wide variety of pergola design Miami to choose from based on their stylistic needs and space requirements.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With a Renu@hand Pergolas Miami

Pergolas are utilized as shaded outdoor spaces outside of buildings, such as restaurants or other commercial establishments, and they provide a spot for people to unwind out of the direct sunlight. Pergolas may also be used to offer shade for a home’s entrance area. A pergola’s main function is to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor living area.

At renu@hand, we take pleasure in the goods and services we offer to customers. With our custom pergolas Miami products, customers can upgrade their patio area or create a magnificent outdoor space. Either way, you can be confident that you’ll receive what you need since our quality speaks for itself.

Create the Perfect Pergola Design

You should have many alternatives when deciding what kind of pergola will look best in your patio getaway, given the significant impact that your new pergola will play in creating its beauty. We provide a wide selection of sizes, forms, styles, and colors for our pergola designs for homes, so you may create a look you adore.

You want your pergola to last for many years with little maintenance when you install one in your outdoor area, and that’s what you’ll receive from renu@hand. Our wood pergolas are completely weather resistant, which means they won’t split, warp, or break even after years of exposure to rain, sun, wind, and other weather elements.

Pergola Miami

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Customers can rely on our contractor’s many years of expertise in designing and pergola construction Miami. Along with the exceptional quality of our services, we also provide affordable prices. Our talented pergola builders in Miami have the expertise and abilities necessary to provide you with all the information you need regarding pergolas. We have been in business for over 20 years, serving various client needs. We work hard to make you feel at home, and running our business is more than just a job to us. We specialize in bespoke work, and our pergola contractor in Miami works with you to create the outdoor environment of your dreams!

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We value attention to detail, whether it is in the creation of our products or in providing cordial client support. After receiving your inquiry, we’ll respond with a comprehensive quote as soon as possible. Our pergola contractor in Miami is available to assist you in selecting or customizing your pergola. Additionally, you may choose to use our setup (and removal, if necessary) services.

To learn more about our pergola builder services in Miami please fill out our contact form and share with us your project details.  We’ll then give you an estimate that entails all the expenses involved. Contact our our elite team of pergola buiders today!



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WHY CHOOSE renu@hand pergola builders in miami?

Although there may be other pergola installers in Miami with comparable skills, our business stands out for several excellent reasons. You can expect nothing less than the best from the pergola we will build for you in terms of design, construction, and longevity.

With over two decades of experience, we have refined our craft to the utmost possible standard. You may be sure that we will put our expertise and knowledge to work in creating the pergola of your dreams. We simply have that much faith in the exceptional craftsmanship and work quality that many clientele have tried and tested for us.

We are experts in installing pergolas. To build a pergola that can withstand clients’ strict requirements, specific strategies must be used. It needs skilled installers, like us, to construct a pergola of the highest caliber, from the design to the assembly of the parts.

To truly comprehend what each client seeks, we engage closely with them. We are aware that it might sometimes be challenging to translate a concept from a vision to reality. Nevertheless, we can help you achieve the idea that has been brewing in your mind thanks to our wealth of knowledge. You can rely on our staff to professionally construct it as well after the ideal design has been created.


Serves as a poolside lounge

The edge of a pool is a visually appealing place to relax, tan, and sip beverages while keeping an eye on swimmers, thanks to the deck chairs and umbrellas. However, a pergola on the deck is a great improvement that protects everyone by the pool from the heat, wind, and rain. Without going inside the pool house, allocate a place under a pergola patio for a bar, sofas, and tables.

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Allows you to dine and entertain outdoors

A bespoke pergola design provides shade from the sun and a designated space to eat, converse, and unwind. Brand-new pergolas with a roof invites discussion and offers a warm place to highlight the beauty of your outdoor living area. Pergolas are a great option for outdoor eating, entertainment, and even an outdoor workspace.

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Acts as an elegant garden

In addition to providing shade and foliage for the area, pergolas may function as an overhead garden and canopy. Climbing roses, vines, and other lovely plants can be planted in abundance on pergolas to cover the sides and tops of a canopy, offering shade and solitude. With pergolas, you may create a private outdoor space for relaxing, reading, and taking in the scenery.

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Extends your home outdoors

Modern, open-plan houses that make it simple to transition from indoors to outdoors are trendy and appealing. You can maintain the layout’s natural flow by putting a pergola next to one of your home’s outer sides that opens up to the backyard. A roofed pergola over a level, open patio area, or pathway will add aesthetic appeal to your house or building.

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Your living area can be expanded by a pergola, which also increases the amount of time you can spend outside. A pergola may provide just enough mild shade to make even a hot afternoon bearable if built and positioned properly on your property. You can install a retractable shade cover if you still need more shade.

The best types of wood for pergolas are described in our comparison of pergola wood. Since 2001, we have been producing high-quality wood pergola kits to assist clients in selecting their preferred wood. We never use anything other than pressure-treated #1 southern yellow pine timber or western red rough-sawn tight knot cedar for our standard pergolas. Either option guarantees a high-quality wood pergola.

Pergolas can resist bad weather just as well as they can last through long bright days with the appropriate choice of building materials and type of wood. Other items that can be used to offer further stability include weights in addition to the stakes already used to install it in the first place.

Pergolas offer shade, despite the fact that they appear incomplete to the untrained eye. Though a pergola cannot completely shade an area, the size of the beams and their spacing will influence how much shade is offered. However, a pergola cover can be used if you wish to unwind beneath your pergola.

Yes, a pergola may be installed on a wood or Trex deck. A few bolt-down brackets would be necessary for this, and the bracket would need to be adequately strengthened underneath the deck. Additionally, the deck must be thoroughly stabilized before construction can begin.

There could be a slight amount of movement in the pergola when it is placed. There could be a small movement in the wooden pergola, but it will be minimal. In comparison to a surface mount with little to no movement, the in-ground installation will have no movement.