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Custom plans will be provided by our team of designers that will fit exactly what you’re looking for. 

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We will be work within your budget and provide multiple options for the project. 

unique DESIGNS

Need a fully custom patio done? No problem! Our team of Miami patio builders are highly experience and can create just about anything you have in mind. 

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Can you think of anything better than sitting out on your patio with a good book and a glass of lemonade on a pleasant summer afternoon? Now imagine this becoming a reality, as renu@hand is here to do exactly that! We build top quality patios, decks, and memories. If you are a homeowner looking to upscale your residential property, we are at your service.

Add life to your parties and summer brunches by adding a spacious deck to your home. A deck makes your house look warmer and inviting, lifts up its overall aesthetic, and can be used for leisure purposes as well. Our expert team of patio builders in Miami can take care of building and installing a patio as per your preferences. All you have to do is be ready to host guests!

Designing and constructing a strong, luxurious patio deck is a task best handled by a professional patio contractor Miami. Widely renowned and publicly acclaimed, renu@hand is perfect for the job. We guarantee premium quality and efficient service, from nailing down the first log to doing the final coat of finish. We take care of it all, making your life hassle-free. Home improvement has never been easier.


As the most trusted patio builder in and around Miami, we ensure that each patio we build is beautiful, and each client we serve is satisfied. We offer custom patio building services to suit the needs of each homeowner perfectly.  You can choose decking material for your patio from a wide range of options that we offer to match the overall look of your house. Decorate your patio with plants and fairy lights and spend a magical evening. Maybe bringing out the grill  for a barbecue for a fun family afternoon?  Our experienced designers can help you out. If you are not sure of what works best for your house, book your consultation today! Being one of the top companies for patio construction Miami, we ensure delivering excellence. We strive to make every homeowner happy.


Every home and homeowner is special for us. We believe that every home can become a luxury residence. Adding a patio to a house is one simple way of making any house stand out. You do not need to spend a fortune on a home renovation to upgrade your house; a deck can do that at a much lesser cost.

A patio is a social space of the house. It is where people gather and create memories. It can also be your peaceful haven, to spend quality time with yourself and relax. It is a multipurpose scape that you can use for outdoor cooking, playing, dinner under the stars, and whatnot. Contact our patio construction Miami team today to know more!



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WHY CHOOSE renu@hand?

We are a family-run patio remodeling company in Miami. We understand the value of your house and take absolutely great care of it. We provide outstanding Miami area landscape design services. We house a team of well-known deck builders, patio builders, pergola builders, and pond builders. Attention to detail and creative thinking reflects in our work.

Our team of professional patio construction Miami experts takes care of the client’s needs, their spending capacity, and their vision. We work to turn your vision into reality.

At renu@hand we use top quality, environmentally friendly products and are looking for ways to make construction eco-friendly. We are leading experts in the field of landscaping design in and around Miami. From new decks to ponds, patios, and pergolas while supporting environmental sustainability – we do it all. We work to transform your homes into a functional and genuinely spectacular space with our cutting edge tools and techniques and our skilled team.

Why Add a Patio to Your Home?

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For Outdoor Fun

Who says that you can get a nice tan only on a beach vacation? You can get it in the comfort of your very own home, on your personal deck. Add a couple of lawn chairs to enjoy the sun, or install a music system and have an outdoor dance party!

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Increase the Value of Your House

Adding a patio deck to your house can attract a great market price and sellers if you ever need to sell your house in the future. With a patio, the house will sell itself. You can enjoy a patio while you stay and make a profit when you have to leave.

Pergola Design Miami

Low Maintenance Entertainment

All you have to do is place a few chairs on the deck, and you’re ready to host! On a patio, you don’t need expensive rugs and furniture to make the place look welcoming. It saves money, time, effort, and gives you a chance to enjoy. Less is more indeed.

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Perfect for Date Night

Light a few candles, lay down a picnic blanket, and some food. And there you have it, a beautiful and romantic date night at home! Instead of spending on expensive and crowded restaurants, you can spend some quality time with your partner in the comfort of your home.