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CUSTOM in or off ground PONDS

Building a Koi pond takes great engineering and an artistic eye to create a work of art. The final result has to be incredible to look at and serve its main purpose to provide a great environment for your Koi to live in. You’ll be amazed at the way your renu@hand Koi pond in Miami and surrounding areas blend seamlessly with your home yet still manages to stand out as the masterpiece of your patio. You could place an ordinary pond behind your house or for close to the same price you could have renu@hand deck & pond builders build a stylish custom pond in your Miami home or in surrounding communities that will be beautiful, soothing, romantic and the envy of the neighborhood.


What better place to design your water feature than in its future location? Every water feature we construct is unique, which is why we like to take a look at its location, learn more about your vision, and come up with a design that best suits your needs and available resources. Whether your business is working with a landscape designer to come up with a 3-D image of your water feature or you’re a homeowner who knows you want to include a water feature in your garden but just aren’t sure where to start, renu@hand’s on-site design consultations will have you a step closer to completing your project. Let one of our experienced and creative team members translate your idea into a design that can become a reality. When it comes to building a Koi pond, fountain or water feature in the Miami area our passion for creative water elements can’t be beat.



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Back PATIO Ponds

Back patio ponds can accommodate several Koi or smaller fish along with turtles, frogs, water lilies, and marginal plants. They include a rubber liner, skimmer, and biological filter. Back patio ponds are typically about two feet deep, up to 14 feet wide, and lined with gravel and rocks. They require regular skimmer maintenance, spring pond cleaning, and annual biological filter maintenance.

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Koi Ponds

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, a Koi pond is ideal. It can accommodate multiple large Koi along with a few plants. Each pond entails a rubber liner, multiple skimmers, a bottom drain, and multiple biological filters. Koi ponds are deeper and provide improved aeration. But because Koi can generate a lot of waste, these ponds require weekly maintenance.

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Hybrid Ponds (crossover ponds)

The maintenance of a Koi pond can intimidate those who want to enjoy a pond with minimal work. Hybrid ponds provide a solution. They’re shallower than Koi ponds, making them ideal for fewer Koi but more rocks and shelved areas for plants. This common Miami area Koi pond and back patio pond option is the perfect combination for your home. 

Koi Ponds Above Ground

Pondless WaterfallS (cascading pondless)

For those wanting to avoid maintenance altogether, pondless waterfalls are the ideal solution. In these setups, the pond is replaced with a hidden reservoir of water which is continuously pumped to the waterfall. This eliminates standing water that can gather algae and mosquitos. Pondless waterfalls have several benefits.


Turn your pondless waterfall on when you’re home and save resources by turning it off when you leave.


With no fish and less plants, you don’t have to worry about Mother Nature’s furry friends interfering with your water feature.


Compared to other ponds, cascading waterfalls require the least amount of maintenance. Simply remove fallen leaves and debris as needed.


With no standing water, your water feature won’t turn into a mosquito haven.


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CUSTOM ABOVE ground ponds

Not all pond water features need to be in-ground. Koi ponds above ground can be nicely blended towards ground level, but the cost of additional materials should be considered. Without having natural support such as earth and rocks surrounding your pond, we’ll need to design a creative solution involving brick, blocks, or stone. But the benefits of above-ground ponds often make the additional costs worthwhile.


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If you are concerned about the safety of children or pets, ponds raised off the ground are safer and more secure.

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Above-ground ponds allow you to skip the digging process and enjoy a water feature with less maintenance. The positioning of the pond allows for better fish viewing and prevents debris from being washed into the water. Above-ground Koi ponds provide a better experience for both the fish and their owners for both viewing and feeding.

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Blending is important when designing an above-ground pond. As you choose your blending materials, such as bricks, blocks, and stones, you’ll be able to design the surroundings of your pond to your exact taste.

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Above-ground ponds allow us to get more creative with their designs. Consider a pond with a wide rim surrounding its entirety for unique seating you and your guests will love.

Designing Koi ponds above ground is no simple task. The process involves intricate steps where each step involves detailed working and understanding different elements that contribute significantly towards making cost-effective and beautiful Miami ponds. renu@hand is an eloquent pond builder in Miami designing and installing ponds that add beauty to your garden. Our work is creative and executed fast. It can be holistic addition to your outdoors.

Adding Koi ponds waterfalls or Koi ponds above ground involves understanding the following elements and then weaving them elaborately with one another.

  1. Understanding the ecology and the design elements – the location of the pond is an important aspect. After all, it requires about three thousand gallons of water to survive roughly 12-medium sized Koi fishes. Similarly, if there are many trees around the Koi pond waterfalls, there could be an unnecessary collection of leaves that could make a big difference to the fishes’ flow of water and movement. The leaves can clog the filtration system too. Similarly, shade is an important consideration.
  2. renu@hand is a seasoned pond installer in Miami, well-versed with the entire work process involved in selecting the right place, designing, and installing Miami ponds. The pond’s depth needs to be enough to protect the Koi fishes from predators like birds and raccoons.
  3. The use of right and bright colored flowers in the pond helps in nitrate fixation that helps clear the water profusely. Waterfalls above Koi ponds help in aeration keeping the water clean by oxygen intake in the water.
  4. A pond builder in Miami with a credible reputation, renu@hand has a proven track record as a top Koi pond builder in South Florida.

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