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Our design team will work with you to create a custom plan to fit your needs.


We’ll respect your budget and provide affordable options.


Our designs are known for being creative and stylish without compromising functionality.

Composite and IPE Decking Miami

Are you ready to construct the deck of your dreams? Whether you’ve had the perfect deck sketched in your mind for years or need a little help bringing your vision together, renu@hand deck and pond builders can create a custom plan that will make your dream deck a reality. Our designer patio Miami team has the experience and passion it takes to create custom decks that thrill clients again and again. No detail is too small, and no task is too large. Whether you’re looking for built-in seating with storage, built-in planters, room for custom kitchens, or a deck made with upgraded materials, we can put together a functional yet impactful design. We’re committed to providing only the best for our clients. We focus on quality and every finishing detail, all while keeping a client’s budget in mind. We’re looking forward to working with you on your Miami area composite decking, wood deck, or ipe project.

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Wood decks

Wood decks are a traditional and functional option many of our clients consider. When designing your wood deck, we’ll take traffic flow into consideration, maximizing the usable space in your dek design. We’ll also focus on style by including pergolas or other structural elements to define separate spaces or implementing pattern changes in the floorboards for a unique design element. We’re proud to say we also take outdoor furniture into consideration to make sure that deck space can be properly utilized once it’s complete. We enjoy putting together custom Miami wood deck project blueprints for clients and showing them they can have the deck of their dreams.

Finding Designer Patio Miami Expert Is Easy With renu@hand

Finding a reliable and experienced deck designer in Miami can be a challenge. Many designers don’t have the expertise and experience to give you a high-quality product, thereby wasting your time and money. In the long run, a quality deck is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring you can enjoy it for years to come. But finding a quality company that will put in the time and effort to ensure your deck is built to last can be difficult.

At renu@hand, we boast of IPE decking Miami experts, designing both functional and eye-catching decks you will enjoy for years to come. We incorporate craftsman style into many of our designs, which give your outdoor space a unique touch. Our designers take traffic flow and usability into account to build efficient and safe decks that will meet your family’s needs.

renu@hand professionals specialize in building custom designer wood decks that our clients love. If you want to find a reliable and experienced designer patio Miami, we can help. We work with homeowners, business owners, and other professionals to create custom designs that fit their needs perfectly. Whether you want a basic wood deck or something more elaborate, that’s also a possibility. We only use the best quality materials and take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring that your deck will stand the test of time.

Tired Of Looking At Your Old, Boring Wood Deck?

It is time to upgrade to a custom designer wood deck in Miami.

Even if you love your old wood deck, it’s probably time to replace it with something more eye-catching, more functional, and definitely more enjoyable. Many home and business owners take their deck to a company and let them design something for them. But this is not the best way to go about designing your deck. Many companies will try to sell you features you do not need, like custom wood deck railings when your deck does not even need a railing. This is why it’s always best to hire a company that will listen to you and design something for your specific needs.

When you contact our professionals at renu@hand, we will take the time to listen to your preferences. By listening to you, we can design something that will work for your family’s needs. We’ll also take into account the space you have available and any specific ideas you may have. We design each deck differently based on what you want and how you plan to use it.

From stunning pergolas to patterned flooring for a unique and eye-catching design element, our IPE decking Miami experts have a number of different features you can choose from.


For the South Florida climate, PT (pressure treated pine) is a great option and one of the most popular deck lumber selections. It’s affordable and guaranteed against rot and termites. If you’re worried about mildew and mold, PT is extremely resistant to both and has proven its longevity through countless projects. If you’re building a deck that will have direct exposure to sun and rain, we suggest using our Southern Yellow Pine that’s been pressure treated with ACQ, an arsenic-free preservative.


When building a deck, you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why PT is such a great option. It’s the least expensive wood material that’s guaranteed against rot and termites. We have yet to come across a PT product that has rotted or become infested. But if yours happens to be the first, we’ll gladly replace any damaged sections, no questions asked. PT is a strong wood that can handle the demands of a deck, especially during storm season. PT decking has a 15-year rating against insect damage and decay, though we’ve seen plenty of PT products that have withstood more than a quarter of a century without showing any signs of deterioration.


PT has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, making it incredibly fire resistant and safe.


We’ve already mentioned that PT is resistant to mold and mildew, both of which can accumulate easily on deck surfaces. But with PT, an application of a bleach solution, pressure washer, or a combination of both will result in a deck that looks brand new in a matter of minutes. If quickly treated, mold and mildew won’t damage PT like build-up can on other types of wood. PT is a great selection for those who want to minimize the maintenance time their deck requires.


PT is sourced from managed forest projects. It’s naturally seasoned and based on Life-Cycle Assessment, the used treatment process earns EPP certification from Scientific Certification Systems.



Native to South America, Premium Grade Cumaru is an exotic hardwood that’s incredibly dense yet beautiful in color and appearance. If you’re looking for an effortless and inviting outdoor space, Cumaru is an ideal material to consider. It’s golden tan and reddish-brown shades present a rich appearance that’s sure to earn rave reviews.


Cumaru decking is incredibly strong. It’s five times harder than Redwood, Cedar, and Pine. Compared to composite decking products, it’s over 10 times stronger. In fact, Cumaru is known as the most durable hardwood of all species worldwide. Should you choose Cumaru as your decking material, you’ll be protected for 25 years against rot and insect damage, with some applications strongly holding up after 50 years.


Cumaru has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, making it incredibly fire resistant and safe.


Sealing Cumaru is optional, a benefit that drastically cuts down on maintenance. The material naturally weathers to a stunning silver-gray patina.


Cumaru is sourced from managed forest projects. It’s naturally seasoned, kiln dried, and resistant to shrinkage.


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Ipe (EE-pay), generically known as Ironwood, is a hardwood originating from South America. Also known by the trade name Pau Lope®, those who choose this material fall in love with its warmth and beauty. Our ipe decks in Miami are some of the most versatile and stunning, thanks to this unique hardwood.


For those looking for a deck that can withstand it all, Ipe should be the first considered. It’s incredibly resistant to rot, insects, ice, salt, UV exposure, abrasion, chemicals, and splintering. The material is also Class A fire rated. Known for its incredible strength, durability, and stability through time and elements, Ipe ironwood is an ideal decking material for residential and commercial properties.


Ipe is simply stunning. The material features light to dark olive brown tones with stripes of lighter sapwood. Though it has an oily appearance, the combination of the wood’s fine texture and medium luster give it an overall luxurious glow. Ipe is up to three times harder than oak and is solid in both weight and durability.


Ipe is incredibly fire resistant and safe, having the same rating as steel and concrete.


Ipe is a very dense wood that requires no treatments or sealers. While a sealer coat can be applied to preserve the material’s natural color, it’s not necessary. If left unsealed, the wood’s natural reddish-brown color will weather to a silver patina. If you’ve walked the Atlantic City Boardwalk, you’ve experienced the beauty and longevity of Ipe. The boardwalk’s planks have shown virtually no wear and tear over the past 24 years. Ipe is dense and smooth, so it won’t absorb water, bow, or twist with time. Ipe decks are not just durable but also safe for families to enjoy in a care-free environment. Ironwoods in general remain smooth due to their being one of the earth’s most dense woods. They will not absorb water, twist, or bow like some woods do. This means that if you use Ipe for your deck, you will be able to walk on it barefoot and carefree for a lifetime.


Because Ipe is incredibly strong and durable, it can be used in a variety of structures and projects. It’s popular for boardwalks, decking, decks, porches, turnery, industrial flooring, furniture, decorative veneers, and more.


Ipe is sourced from managed forest projects. It’s naturally seasoned, kiln dried, and resistant to shrinkage.

Composite Decks

Composites, or man-made materials, are ideal for low-maintenance decks. While the materials may cost a bit more upfront, the savings over time can prove to be substantial. Our composite decking in Miami and surrounding areas provides clients with stunning, durable, and low-maintenance decks they’re sure to love for years to come. With simple and regular cleaning, a composite deck can maintain its beauty without the hassle of wood decks. (Note: All synthetic materials can fade or appear altered over time)


When it comes to our Miami area composite decking projects, we recommend and use TREX® for several reasons. First, the material is financially competitive, coming in at the same or even lower than competitive products. Second, the brand has proven its longevity. While many companies are unable to show their potential clients successful projects with their alternative deck lumber, our projects made with TREX® have been around for over a decade. TREX® stands by their material and will replace any defective pieces at no cost should an issue arise. With TREX®, customer satisfaction always comes first. While its pricing can be difficult to manage on a tight budget, the TREX® brand and experience is worth every penny.

Patio Design Miami

designer patio services in Miami

renu@hand has over 20 years of experience working with projects of all sizes and different kinds of deck materials in Miami. With a variety of options available for homeowners, our team helps you choose suitable materials based on your preference, taste, and budget. We also study and analyze the particular soil conditions to shortlist the best materials that would go hand-in-hand with the specific soil type.


IPE Decking in Miami is made from a wood type that is available in South America, and it is one of the top decking materials recommended by us for the sole reason that it adds incomparable ambiance to your place. Composite decking in Miami is also a very popular material because of its superior durability. Composite decks do not call for dedicated maintenance and can survive even the roughest outdoor conditions for years to come.

Be it IPE decking in Miami or composite decking, renu@hand is your trusted contractor for par-excellence designing and seamless execution. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and diversified experience, we are among the most trusted and sought-after deck builders in South Florida. Such is our engineering and manufacturing capability that our name is today synonymous with top and premium quality deck builders and patio designers. Hire the best designer Patio in Miami for your next project. Call today for your free estimate.